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Hey there,

Welcome to my food blog. I am the writer and the creator of Aarti's Foodolgue. This is the space where I express my passion and love for good food. I believe in making everyday cooking for busy moms and dad easier and fun. My time in the kitchen is my stress buster - a time to be creative. Cooking should fill our hearts and minds with positive energy so that we share that vibration with our family and loved ones as well.

My recipes are inspired by what has been cooked by my mom and many generations before. Indian food varies quite a lot as you move across the different regions, and many of my recipes reflect the different parts of India I have lived in. I moved to Norway in 2010 and having traveled across Europe and USA for studies and work, made me realize how special home-cooked food was. This is when I started to recreate my mom's recipes and learnt from her the secrets of Indian cooking. Today I love to recreate these dishes in my kitchen.


Through my blog and food courses I intend to share traditional recipes with people who like to cook home-style Indian food - food that is flavorful and delicious.


All pictures and recipes take time and effort to develop. You are welcome to use the pictures and recipes, reblog, pin or whatever, but please do give credit and link back to the blog. If you would like to republish any image on your blog, please link back to my webpage. No picture should be published without my consent.


You can contact me at


Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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